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Why Choose    Gould Intelligent?


Gould Intelligent, has been in business for over 20 years, providing the stability and knowledge of our clients systems that enable us to help them quickly.  We've developed relationships and continue to work with clients form our early years. 


We understand and represent our customers.  Our customers are first, not the technology, not our processes, our customers.  This is why many of our customers ask us to review IT contracts for other services and project manage other vendors because we know and get to know your critical functions and timing.  For example, you shouldn't implement a major accounting change during payroll cycle, or start an upgrade right before fiscal year end.  Gould Intelligent, works for you, our customer, and understands what that means.


We understand that this is a relationship where there is respect between you, our customer, the staffing employee bringing their expertise into your organization, and us, the facilitator and manager.

This respect for all of the parties involved provides an environment where our staffing consults excel and can deliver the consulting expertise you need.


We know current technology and trends.  We know when to apply cutting edge technology and when it's better to wait out the hype and get something that's going to work without spending triple your budget.  We work at giving you the correct solution for a good price.


We understand business processes, and automation, and we use all of this ourselves. We know what works in what areas, and what doesn't. 


Automation should supplement and aid human work, to allow an organization to be responsive and profitable.  We give you many of the same solutions that we use in our offices.

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