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IT Operations

Gould Intelligent has years of experience in turning around organizations, units, and IT departments.  Within months, underperforming organizations become top rated units with high performing staff under Gould's leadership.

If your organization has an underperforming unit, call us, and we can discuss the issues and see how Gould Intelligent's expertise can help your organization get on the right track.

Many IT units lose focus, and suffer from policing and dictating to their customers instead of providing a valuable service. Gould Intelligent realigns IT departments with business objectives, and quickly turns a problem unit into a star performing organizational asset.

Working Together


Gould Intelligent understands management, and employee motivation.

 Focusing on staff development and growth, along with committed managers, will, and has changed lack luster staff into energized and focused organizational contributors


Gould Intelligent experts will redefine and aligning the budget to organizational objectives.  Allowing improved focus spend on what is necessary for service delivery and service improvement.

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The IT unit should not be the organization enforcers. However, that is typically the case within most companies and agencies. 

Gould align IT units into a service organizations providing value to their customers.

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