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Rick Gould and Karen England are Volunteers for Southwest Job Network

Volunteers of the Week: Karen England-Rick Gould

 Karen England and Rick Gould, of Gould Intelligent, an I/T staffing, custom software and website development firm, have been key contributors to the launch and continued success of SJN operations in the West Valley!  As successful recruiters and business leaders, Karen and Rick are passionate about sharing their knowledge and best practices with job seeking members of SJN.  Karen and Rick have contributed on the Curriculum Development Innovation Council, helped people individually and as a group by donating their time to resume reviews, sharing "what works and what doesn't" in the Phoenix market, and by presenting core SJN workshops including New Member Orientation, Manage the Emotions of Career Transition and Develop Your Vision, and Interviewing and Managing Offers. 

According to Karen, “Rick and I wanted a way to help folks in the community where we work and live.  SJN--a great organization that is providing tangible, positive support to people in job transition--provided us with a great avenue in which to do this.  SJN allows us to share our skills and experience to help job seekers.  Besides, we both love to speak (those of you who have heard us know this!) and you kindly loan us your stage.  We believe in SJN and the work Chris and her team are doing and plan to continue supporting SJN operations in the West Valley into 2010.  Thanks for letting us be a part of all this.”

SJN and its members thank Karen and Rick for their continued contribution to the success of our organization and our mission to support our neighbors develop their career management skills.

For more information on Southwest Job Network, please see their website at SouthwestJobNet.com.

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